Upbeat Retail provides a gateway for global brands to launch and scale in India. We empower international brands that are looking to penetrate deep into the Indian market, with all the resources to build a strong foothold both online and offline.


We take a holistic approach to bring our partners brands to India and capture the market in a big way. We always put the customer first and understand the responsibilities of representing international brands in India. We provide end to end services including online/offline retail, social media and influencer marketing, local websites, and warehousing. In short, we bring our partner brands alive in India.


To be a one stop shop for global brands looking to venture into the Indian market.

Our Brands

We work with brands that we truly believe in. These are brands that we would proudly recommend to our own friends and family. Approaching Indian retail with an innovative mindset, we only work with brands that are never satisfied and have a DNA of innovation. Our success stems from the number of happy customers we create rather than any monetary value. In the future, we hope to continue to bring high-quality products from all around the globe to India.

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Our Address

201, Oxford House,

Rustam Bagh Road,

Kodihalli, Bangalore-560017