6 Places to Always Wear Sunglasses

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1.While Driving:

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of driving directly into a rising or setting sun. Nobody should be getting behind the wheel or onto a motorcycle without sunglasses. Sunglasses with a polarized protection that cut out the glare while driving are a must. We recommend you own a pair that stays in your vehicle.

2.To Pool Parties

Sunglasses with UV400 protection are essential.They are also your must have fashion accessory. Pro tip- Mirrored/ Monochrome lenses allow you to discretely observe the other swimmers. 

3. While Hiking

Depending upon the conditions, you should choose sunglasses that will enhance the visible color quality even in lower lighting, or select a pair with clear lenses. A solid pair of Knockaround sunglasses will not only offer UV protection, but they’ll also do the crucial job of protecting your eyes from dust and insects. Lightweight Knockaround shades can also be worn for long hours.

4.At The Beach

No matter what you’re doing at the beach, your sunglasses are always going to be protecting your corneas and helping you have a more enjoyable day.

5. At a Music Festival

Sunglasses offer significant quality-of-life benefits for almost any outdoor event. That’s because you can see better, you experience less fatigue, and your eyes are protected. They block out bright laser lights, keeping you at ease with all your focus only on the music! 

6.On Cloudy or Gloomy days

While clouds do block out sunlight, the UV and other harmful rays pass right through and put your eyes in danger of over-exposure. Don’t fall for the myth that sunglasses are only for bright sunny days; you should be wearing them year-round for optimal protection, and you should have a range of lens tints for various light conditions. Knockaround smoke lens are a perfect pick for such days.

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