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Travelling most definitely is one of the best things in the world, but is it equally good for your skin? Well, not really! Sun exposure, change in climate, change in sleep and eating patterns could be harsh on your body, skin included. But worry not! These 5 travel essentials from Anatomicals will keep you skin as happy as travel would make you!

Silk sleep mask:

Travel means jet lag, surface travel, late nights and early mornings! All of these can make you grumpy and not enjoy your holiday as much as you would like to. Therefore, investing in a good quality sleep mask is of utmost importance. Your sleep mask becomes your new best friend and sleeping buddy! The 100% pure silk sleep masks from Anatomicals help you get comfortable on that airplane, bus, train, dorm room, hotel bed or whatever you choose to travel by or sleep in; just to make sure you catch up on enough zzz so that you enjoy your holiday to the T.

Facial Spritz:

Nobody wants to end up looking dull, sweaty or tired in their travel photos. No matter how action packed your holiday is, you still want to look good; and why shouldn't you! Even after accomplishing the feat of climbing that mountain, or spending the day sunbathing on the beach, or going for a run while you catch the sunset or haggling at the weekend market or even walking down the street; the Anatomicals facial spritz will make you feel fresh, keep you cool and forever photo ready!

Never lose your cherry lip balm:

A lip balm is an important travel essential. Change in climate or even being on a flight makes your skin and lips dry. Never lose your cherry lip balm from Anatomicals comes in a fun cherry flavour with SPF 15 to protect your lips from sun damage along with keeping them well moisturised and of course kiss ready (hey, you never know!).

Vitamin rich hand cream:

So you've just got a manicure before your big trip, but guess what your holiday activities make your hands look like a prune! The vitamin rich hand cream from Anatomicals will make you feel instantly pampered, giving your tired hands the much needed nourishing no matter where you are! Just to make sure you are all set to spend the day at the beach or build that snowman!

Headache relief balm:

Long days, exertion or even sinus can leave you with a headache and bother you on your holiday. Who wants to spend days in bed with a throbbing headache when you could be at the beach or passing through enchanting valleys. The Anatomicals headache relief balm is a cool temple rub that comes packed with soothing botanical extracts to make you feel relaxed and relieve you of that headache.


So don't forget to stock up on these before your next trip!

*All mentioned products are available in sizes 100ml or less, making them cabin friendly.



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