Dead Sea minerals now for day to day skincare!

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SeeSee brings the Dead Sea from the lowest level on earth for day to day skincare!

SeeSee Laboratories offers the original benefits of the unique essential minerals of the Dead Sea. SeeSee products are based on natural active ingredients together with moisture-balancing minerals from the Dead Sea. Also, all products are Paraben, Mineral Oil and Fragrance-Free.

The Dead Sea is the largest Spa in the world, being the lowest point on earth, situated 417 meters (1,373 ft.) below sea level that contains one of the most unique and invaluable healing spa resources.


The following are the key minerals found in the Dead Sea:
  • Calcium: Important for cell protection
  • Potassium: Important to balance skin function. Known to help acne conditions
  • Sodium: Improves skin metabolism
  • Magnesium: Promotes energy production and oxygenation among cells
  • Zinc: Cell renewal, improves Sebo-regulation
  • Lithium: Improves inflammation (psoriasis)
  • Bromine: Soothing, calming
  • Manganese: Increases skin circulation, also an antioxidant

    These rich, unique minerals and mud which have formed over thousands of years and bring the following natural health and beauty benefits:
    • Dead Sea Minerals
    • Help maintain healthy and balanced skin
    • Provide and promote natural moisture
    • Strengthen the natural protection of the skin
    • Delay skin ageing
    • Gentle and suitable formula for even extra sensitive skin types
    • Improves skin texture, and promotes hair and scalp health
    • Dead Sea Mud
    • Nourishing and purifying properties
    • Helps the skin to renew and regenerate cells
    • Activating the circulatory systems and oxygenating skin
    • Exfoliating and drawing out toxins
    • Toning, firming and tightening the skin
    • Repairs dry or unbalanced skin, or skin with any type of inflammatory conditions

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