ManCave - Lemon & Oak Shower Gel 200ml

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Every huntsman needs time to reflect, time to mull over past exploits and more importantly – time to plan future ones. In order accomplish this healing yet aspirational thought process he needs to be in the right state of mind; relaxed and contented, yet sharp and aware. The second natural shower gel in our range, the lemon & oak shower gel has been developed to uplift, invigorate and stimulate. Precede your thought process with an aromatherapeutic showering experience; a mélange of essential oils each serving to prepare you for whatever the day holds. Before the commute to your panoramic office or while showering at your mountain chalet, refocus your objectives with the ManCave Lemon & oak shower gel. Lemon oil - known to relieve and lifts spirits - helps focus the mind while hints of Rosemary aid your feeling of contentment. Vetiver and bergamot aromas assist your concentration with their combination of energising and relaxing properties. The shower gel’s natural cleansing action is boosted by the anti-bacterial action of lemon oil and the soothing aloe vera.